lightweight the limp-vellum


lw text 1my long time obsession with limp vellum bindings, finally fully indulged.

lw closed

lw frontflyleafand there is even an explanation for it:

text 2

lw text 3as for the content, after many weeks working long hours to finish it up in time for the spring Book Fair, all I can say is I hope you will enjoy as much as I do (meaning, even though I’m completely exhausted it still tickles me, as a puppy or a kitten that keeps one awake the whole night would)

lw first spread



lw stairs

lw stairs closeup

lw tulips

lw felines


lw colophon

oh yes, it surely had to have its own funny box:

lw w box 1

you probably wouldn’t be seeing these images without the priceless technical expertise, creativity and heartfelt generosity of Celine Lombardi and Roni Mocan, not to mention the constantly invigorating enthusiasm of Maureen Cummins, Linda Broadfoot, Kara Lack, Sarah Nicholls and Jessica Lagunas. And of course, none of this would have ever happened if it wasn’t for my Mom.

happily ever after

lw w box 2


For the artist statement, tech specs and more images, please click here.

Lightweight Photos: Roni Mocan