about ana paula cordeiro

Ana Paula Cordeiro makes books by hand, photographs with film, prints from lead type, and writes either sparingly or profusely on unbound folios, which she then proceeds to bind into volumes. In 2018 she co-organized the multi-media installation Introspective Collective. In 2019 she contributed to a book publication about bookmaking called Bookforms. And in 2020 she was awarded a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation and an Honorable Mention at the International Human Rights Arts Festival Creators of Justice Award for her essay Citizen.

Originally from Brazil, she is based in New York and does much of her work at The Center for Book Arts communal shop. Chronologically speaking, in the fall of 2020, she had an interview published by The Interior Beauty Salon; in the Summer of 2020, she was part of an online program in conversation with Merve Emre, hosted by the Bodleian Library, Oxford University, and her work Body of Evidence was reviewed on Books on Books. In 2022 she recorded a podcast for Inwood Art Works On Air.

For 2023, Ana is wrapping up a project as Artist Research Fellow at the Hispanic Society of America, with support from NYSCA, and gratefully enjoying the beauty and space of the Arts Center in Governor’s Island residency, with support from LMCC.

Requested to produce a “100-words general statement”, she came up with

Coherence and consistency are keywords for coping with my photographic memory. My autistic aspect struggles with the multifaceted stories of each encounter, the many versions of ourselves we create – which by themselves are harmless, until they start conflicting with one another. We edit events and words on auto-pilot, Science says.
Keeping tabs on hypocrisy can fill several books.
Incoherently and inconsistently I witness as we move on, leaving behind all-but-linear narratives – the many books within books of our selves. The method of my artistic inquiry is in the making of books. The artistic inquiry itself is the making of books.

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