survey a

Relational Topographic Survey is a graphic representation of what I have perceived as situations in which my consent as a woman immigrant was given against my best interest.

survey c

The 3-tiered graphic line goes from a linear form on the outmost level to a slightly disorganized version of itself on the second level, culminating with its own disrupted and fragment version on the bottom tier. It represents an incoherent (& somewhat humorous) attempt to justify an erratic path of decisions by means of creating a visualization of random mistake patterns.

survey text closeup

The said survey is then an exercise of futility, with the unattainable goal of disguising confusion into something viable to have meaningfulness attached. Whether it succeeds or not is a decision to be made according with each viewer’s generosity and compassion.

Specs: 2006, edition of 3 (all collected privately and institutionally.) Woodcuts and hand-set type, tissue over Arches paper, triple accordion binding. 37.5 x 19 cm,14 3/8 x 7 inches (closed).