A constant among the many variables I encountered in the study of book structures was the association between historical ownership and lavish decorations: how the use of expensive metals and precious stones safeguarded the bindings through their travels across space/time.

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Limp-vellum books, which were exquisitely engineered but quintessentially utilitarian, are a good example of how unadorned works were left to their own devices. Enamored with its flexibility, strength and grace, I set out to derive from its potential a sculptural element that would stand as its wealth and guardian.

Titled “Lightweight”, this book is sculpted page by page, one page thickness at a time, to embody with exactitude an angled beam.

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It speaks of ways to cope with a world in which the elements of balance that matters most are intangible: situations with as much surface tension as a soap bubble; the variations of mindsets throughout the seasonal fluctuations of sun exposure; the percentage of madness within genius and vice-verse.

Tech specs: 3-part construction Limp Vellum binding on dyed parchment, sculptural element, custom-fitted box, tipped-in RC photographs, letterpress printed from hand-set type, wood-cuts and photopolymer-plates. Approximately 20cmx20cm (7 7/8 x 7 7/8″).

lw colophon

Printed in an edition of 21, to be bound upon request. Each commission will be personalized.

As of October 2017, Lightweight has been collected by:

Houghton Library

The Watkinson Library

The Boston Athenaeum

04 Private Collections

The price is U$ 2,600

Inquiries, please feel free to email me at

Lightweight Photos: Roni Mocan

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