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Salvaged Scraps and Shreds
Scattered mind by-products folded-pressed-stitched-glued-and-covered, contained. Unique, 2008
“Milton a poem”, blindness in binding: sewn-boards allow a hole for light to find access across the book. (4 x 5 1/2″). Arches paper, 2009, edition of 23.
title page
title page
Bookbinder privilege: instead of keeping journals, I keep folios. After I am done making the pages and adding stuff to my hearts content, I bind it all together.
This one is called Diário Binário Bestiário – its pages were made while I was recovering from being stalked/hacked the hell out of my social media.
a little of what it looks like inside. It is also a good place for book-making leftovers.
I call this one the gut book. The pages are actual animal intestines, a technique I learned from a teacher who lives in Alaska. The text lamination was my spin on it: a sliver of gampi tissue.
colophon page. 5×5″, one-of-a-kind book, 2007.
Bare Abyss: a short story in text messages, set to metal type for crayon rubbings. 2007.
Limited edition of 2 books with one AP. For a detailed description of the techniques used please click here