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As a bookbinder, I produce boxes to house the books I produce.

As an artist, I’ve been investigating situations where two sides of the same perspective can be contrasted within form.

As an immigrant, I’ve been constantly challenged by the native naive perspective – by which I mean lack of perspective – of what it is to be on the other side. By the same token, I’ve always made a conscientious effort to understand the motivations of others (often without success, often slipping into condescending attitudes).

The solution I’ve found to weave the elements of craftsmanship, artistic investigation and immigrant perspective is a set of two non-adhesive map-fold books bound together with coptic chains inside wooden boards.

Both books contain only two sheets each, stitched shut and together in order to stay permanently linked. Upon the opening of the covers the books become boxes, as the covers and pages turn into the four walls and base.

The two books/boxes are identical in size, shape and construction. The only difference between the two is the text, for each one of them will be invested with one side of a given perspective about possibilities. The books/boxes are titled “I” and “You”.

“I” will display the defensive arguments and expose the lack of preparedness. “You” will display the challenging attitude brought upon by lack of information and experience.

The design of two books/boxes attempt to convey the elements of misunderstandings provoked by preconceived notions, exposing their naïveté. In order to do so, I included features such as grid patterns, translucence, distorted geometry, jail-like box-like confinement without fixed boundaries.

Windows on the four sides lead to glimpses of the quotes inside.

notions closeup

 2012, unique book (privately collected.) wood covers, hand-set type and pressure-printing for texture.

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